Oats-Rolled, Fermented

Fermented oats taste better, more nutritious and are easier to digest. Certified Organic.
Fermented for a few days and then dried at low temperature and rolled to quick oats. This effectively reduces the phytic acid or enzyme inhibitors to a very low level. According to Weston Price this is the way the Scots used to eat them as a staple and afforded excellent health. This way as the minerals are available for the body to use. These unheated oats are not processed with any gluten containing products so to the best of our knowledge are gluten-free. Virtually all other processed oats are heated. 
Blend with water, rice bran solubles, almond butter, banana and stevia to make a great oat milk. Cook as porridge -1 cup water to 1/2 cup oats + salt.

Gastrointestinal Health- Candida 
How to remove phytates (phytic acid)

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