Colloidal Silver

It is best to have this in your medicine chest before you need it. 
1 litre size is made and contained without any plastic.

• Research leads one to think it may be one of the best antibiotics.
• It is nontoxic and faster at killing many more pathogens than traditional antibiotics. Bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi are killed within minutes of contact.
• It promotes healing new tissue to injuries and stimulates bone growth.
• Breaks down biofilm that shields germs and kills them quickly..
• Has the proven ability to cause DNA to dedifferentiate or revert back to stem cells preventing scar tissue.
• Might be worth looking into for cancer treatment. Dr. Becker found that it causes cancer cells to revert to normal.
• Use to treat drinking water. Health Canada states: "It is not considered necessary to specify a maximum acceptable concentration for silver in drinking water."
Much contradictory info is stated about which form is best. It is obvious that some vendors of colloidal silver are giving misleading info. Only the best will do so we did a lot of research. What we found from unbiased researchers was that particle size (smaller is better) and purity are the most important factors.  Ours is 15 ppm and approximately 98.6% ions and 1.4% particles. Made with distilled water. Colloidal silver is not expensive to make so don't be fooled by small bottles with high prices. More info
• For cancer or other serious treatment some people have claimed good results using about a litre a day spread out over the day on an empty stomach.
• For cuts or burns put directly on the injury with soaked gauze, spray or use gel.
• For tooth plaque removal and mouth issues such as abcesses hold in the mouth for a couple of minutes. Get better results by adding some DMSO. I did this for an abcess where a tooth was extracted. The abcess soon stopped and bone regrew rapidly so it was ready for an implant in 4 weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks.
We are not making any claims that colloidal silver will cure any disease, only sharing information.

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