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Have you noticed an increase in unhealthiness, more chronic illness more obesity. It seems everyone is struggling with some ailment and that doesn't seem normal. What caused all this sickness and suffering? Did nature goof or man? It seems more likely to be man. Were well meaning people giving us bad information?

One of our family members had a life threatening disease and the doctor we were dealing with had to make sure we had no hope. How could he be so arrogant? I had many doubts about our medical ways. An article in an American Medical Association Journal reported over 300,000 deaths a year in hospitals are caused by doctor errors. America with the most doctors has the worst health . We are told we have a 90% chance of dying from either heart disease or cancer. Clearly something isn't right. Suspicion was growing that our intellects had become too dominant and smothering our common sense. Sure, man was doing very clever things, but were they wise? There seems to be a price we pay for each new intellectually derived creation. The cars that were to bring us together have separated us. The computers that were to save us time made us busier. I appreciate times when people are humbled to be more dependent on others like after a big snowfall that shuts everything down.

Liberation from health fears began for us in 1996 when we realized how what we eat affects us. It seemed that the only sane way of living is to live within the laws of nature. How does nature serve her food? Fortunately we were already living on a beautiful organic orchard in the southern Okanagan valley overlooking the lake. This valley has a unique climate that allows us to grow some of the best fruit anywhere. Naturally a good portion of our diet came from our own orchard and garden. It was not a gradual transition of diet for us. One day we simply threw out everything that we deemed not whole and raw out of the house. That way we wouldn't be tempted. Our house was to be a safe haven for eating naturally. We had many challenges but the positive results were more than enough to prove the rightness to us and after awhile eating habits change completely. Cravings for old comfort foods fall away and you are free. Free from fear of illness, free from enslavement to the medical system, free from irritability and even free from societies dogma.

We are a family of five working together with others to provide the same foods that we enjoy, whole foods that have been grown organically, sustainability and prepared without hurting their viability. Many of the foods we wanted are from far away and too expensive in small quantities. By buying volume we have found a way of importing special food that was far for too expensive otherwise and providing for others at low prices. We are helping each other.

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