Almost 1/3 West Coast newborns may face thyroid problems

Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses

Iodine-The Universal & Holistic Super Mineral

Iodine-The Great Iodine Debate


Iodine-Clinical Experience


Iodine-What is Nascent Iodine?

"Iodine is a naturally occurring mineral found in seawater and soils. It is an essential trace element for life and is found in food and salt that the body requires. Iodine's main role in human biology is as a constituent of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodide from the blood to make and release these hormones back into the blood. Thyroid hormones play a basic role in biology, acting to regulate metabolism.

Iodine-How to take

The correct procedure for using Magnascent Iodine is as follows: Put one or two ounces of water in a glass and, using the dropper provided, drop the desired number of drops into the water. Drink the resulting mixture within a few minutes. The mixture becomes activated when the iodine is dropped into the water and is active for the next few hours inside the human body.

Our iodine is best taken mixed in water only (not juice or other liquids) and taken 15 to 20 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach. Each drop of 1% Magnascent Iodine equals 0.2 milligrams of iodine.

Iodine Kills Candida

In vitro susceptibility of Candida albicans to four disinfectants and their combinations.
Waltimo TM, Orstavik D, Sirén EK, Haapasalo MP.
NIOM, Scandinavivan Institute of Dental Materials, Haslum, Norway.

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