Green Nuts

Green Nuts
5 lbs Walnuts soaked and dried
3 lbs Almonds soaked and dried

1/2 C spirulina powder
1/4 lb kale
1/4 C sprouted pumpkin seeds
1/8 C chia
1/8 C hemp
1/4 C fresh ginger
1 cloves of garlic
1/2 lb date paste soaked
1/4 C honey
1 C Bragg Soy or Nama Shoyu
2.5 ml chipotle powder
4.5 C water

This is a big job for your blender. It will take about 2 blenders full to blend it all. Pour it over nuts, mix and dry completely. If you want to do smaller batches of nuts you can freeze the extra sauce.I always like to hear if the recipes work for you.

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