Magnesium Chloride FCC


Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride FCC is sold as Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate with a chemical formula of MgCl2•6H2O. It is extracted through the evaporation of sea water and is then milled into flakes; see the Process Flow Chart on page 2.


E & I’s Magnesium Chloride FCC meets the standards of the Food Chemical Codex (FCC)

Item                                                                            Specification                             Typical Results

APPEARANCE                                                         Colorless, odorless flakes                        Conforms

ASSAY AS HEXAHYDRATE, %                              99.0 – 105.0                                     102.0

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, %                                 46.0 – 48.0                                       47

HEAVY METALS (as Lead), PPM                          4 max                                                 <0.1

AMMONIUM (as NH3), PPM                                   50 max                                               <20

SULPHATES, PPM                                                  300 max                                            <200

Properties of magnesium chloride hexahydrate
CAS No.: 7791–18–6
EINECS: 232–094–6
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate: 99% minimum
Magnesium chloride: 47% minimum
Calcium chloride: 2.2% maximum
Sodium chloride: 0.5% maximum
Potassium chloride: 0.2% maximum
Formula: MgCl2 6H2O
Mol weight: 203.3
Density: 1.569
Melting point: 117C
Water solubility: 2350 g/L (20 C)
Appearance:: White flakes
pH: 8.4 270g/l at 20C)
High quality magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea
Free from phosphate, bromides and ammonia
Dissolves quickly to provide clear solution
Nutritional Values:

Per 100 gm                                                               mg
Energy (calories)                                                        0
Protein                                                                         0
Carbohydrate                                                               0
Fat                                                                               0
Unsaturated fat                                                           0
Polyunsaturated fat                                                     0
Trans fatty acid                                                           0
Cholesterol                                                                  0
Fiber                                                                            0
Sugar                                                                          0
Calcium                                                                        700
Magnesium                                                                  11,500
Sodium                                                                        195
Iron                                                                              0.3

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