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Effectiveness of Stevia Rebaudiana Whole Leaf Extract Against the Various Morphological Forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Vitro

Chilhood Vaccinations

How Diet Foods and Drinks Can Actually Cause, NOT Prevent Diabetes

Raw Oats for Gastrointestinal Health

Spirulina Info

Spirulina Benefits
Spirulina has all the health benefits of any nutritious whole food. It is packed with protein, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.
It’s often taken be people who lack a good source of protein in their diets, such as vegetarians. It’s even been said to ward off several types of cancer, especially mouth cancer.

The Milk Diet

Dr Porter treated 1800 patients with milk. Remarkable permanent cures have been credited to the Porter Method contained within this book. 


Universal Immunization

Readable by the layperson; fully-documented. The practice of childhood immunization is exposed as a dangerous fraud. Obomsawin points to nutrition and soil fertility as the real solutions to infective illness. The book contains one of the best summaries of the enormous values of some basic vitamins--A and C--in building resistance to disease, and shows how those who develop infectious disease are generally deficient.


Microwaved Water - See What It Does To Plants

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